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Happy News For All Members. Minimum Withdraw Limit 0.1$ Now
Published on 29-03-2021

Dear Members. We Decreased Till Minimum Withdraw Limit 0.1$ And Minimum Withdraw Time Less 1 days for Standard Members. Happy and Enjoy Benefits. 

 But Importantly You Must Post Payments Proofs In Our Forum For Next Withdraw Accept. Its Should Be Continue Every Times. 

Attention Please.. All Bonus Balance Will Be Closed Today Midnight.
Published on 18-03-2021

Hello All Members.
We Give You 5$ Purchase Bonus Instantly Every New Registered Members. So Now Our Bonus Gift Balance Will Be Auto Close Today Midnight. Purchase balance and All Other purchased from it will stop on 2021-03-18 Midnight

But We Do Not Close membership upgrade, Featured Ads Credits, Banner Credits Using Our Bonus. {Little Update :- Featured Links Ads Will Be Close and Added Banner Credits}

We Have Big Offer For You Per Launching Date.. 

Launching Date :- 2021-03-20

Offers Eg:

- Deposit Bonus 
- Rent Referrals System 
- Paid To Sign Up Offers 
- Ads Value Increased 
- Ads Credits Value Discreased 
- Withdrawals Enable 
- Guaranteed Ads Limit 
- Membership Upgrade Discounts 
- And More.. 

Anyway. Special Thank You For Join With Us. 

Best Regards
Withdrawbux Admin

Attention Please.. All Bonus Balance Will Be Closed
Published on 10-03-2021

Hello All Members.
We Give You 5$ Purchase Bonus Instantly Every New Registered Members. So You Can Use It For Everything. But Our Bonus Gift Balance Will Be Auto Close 18 March 2021. Purchase balance and All Other purchased from it will stop on 2021-03-18. 

This Terms Not Valid For : membership upgrade, Featured Ads, Featured Link Ads 
Thank You
Best Regards
Withdrawbux Admin

Admin Need a Moderator's Team. So Now Started Hiring Active And Kindly Members.
Published on 23-02-2021
Hello Members.. Admin Need a 10 Moderators'Team. So Now Started Hiring Active And Kindly Members. 

First, Need Below Requirements Before Apply This Job 

- Minimum Membership Requirement - Yearly Silver Membership 
- You must be an active member. 
- Must be a kind and honest member. 
- Being able to treat everyone equally. 
- Respect All Members Every Times. 

Benefits Of Moderator's Service.
- Increase To Unlimited Direct Referrals Option. {LifeTime} 
- Increase To 500 Extra Rent Referrals Than Other Memberships. {LifeTime} 
- Increase Points Value 15% Than Other Memberships. {LifeTime} 
- Decrease Cashout Limit, More 1 Day Than Other Memberships. {LifeTime} 
- Decrease Referrals Recycle Cost , 15% Than Other Memberships. {LifeTime} 
- More Features Will Be Receive With Our Priority. 

Who Can Apply for This Job?
- The Administrator Invites Honest People From All Over The World.

After Purchase Membership, Send Support Ticket For The Admin. Admin Will Contact Soon. Thank You.
Let's We Start an Innovation PTC World. 

Thank You For Joined With Withdrawbux
Best Regards
Withdrawbux Admin.
Attention Please... Special Announcement For User's, About IP - Your IP has visited these ads in less than 24 hours.?
Published on 22-02-2021

First All Must Know Our Rules. 

Rule Number 01
Deny multi-IP registration:
unfortunately, we deny new registrations with the same IP. it's helping our site performance and quality advertising path. all members should know about it very well and don't try to cheat.

Rule Number 02
Deny login with the same IP:
unfortunately, we deny login if the current IP is already used by another member.

Ok. Now You Have Problem? Showing Msg Your IP has visited these ads in less than 24 hours.? It Means Our Site Have IP Protection Service. So You Can't log in to Two Browsers In Same Times And You Can't log in for Less Than 24 Hours.

How To Solve This Issue?

01. Clear All Browser History and clear all cookies data Before Log In.
02. Don't Use Multiple Device And Multiple Browsers. Use One Every Time.
03. Don't Try Same Times Login, Multiple Devices or Browsers.
04. If Still Show These Msg, Then Close Your Internet Connection And Again Reconnect. Then Log In.

We Want To Give The Best of Service to All Our Members. 

Thank you For Your Honest Partnership
Best Regards
Withdrawbux Admin

Warning...!! Anti Bot Advertisements Active...!!!
Published on 20-02-2021

Hello Members.. We Are Activated "Anti Bot Advertisements". Because Some Cheaters Try to cheat with Withdrawbux. 

Be Careful...!!! Avoid Click Showing ''DO NOT CLICK, WILL BE SUSPEND AND ZERO YOUR ACCOUNT" Advertisements or Minus Balance (-) Advertisements

Best Regards
Withdrawbux Admin

We Enable Withdrawal And Rent Referrals System
Published on 19-02-2021
Our Official Launching Date is 20/03/2021.

We expect to release the Rent Referrals System/Purchase Referrals System/Withdrawals and a few more Feature's. Enjoy Free Benefits Now.. 

Thank You For Join Us.. !!
Best Regards
Withdrawbux Admin.
An Update News About Sign Up Bonus Promotion
Published on 19-02-2021
We offered you 5$ sign up bonus who get new member withdrawbux. you can use it to advertise and other feature. every sign-up bonus balance will be closed on 18/03/2021. So before close it, use everything. Thank you. 

Best Regard
Withdrawbux Admin
Great News For All Members...!!! Added Payeer Wallet...!!!
Published on 18-02-2021

Great News For All Members... Added Payeer Wallet For Deposits And Withdrawals.. 
Enjoy Now.. Happy Earning..

Thank you
Best Regard
Withdrawbux Admin

Withdrawbux Official Launching Date
Published on 18-02-2021

!!!...Withdrawbux Launching Date...!!!

We, Will, Expect The Withdrawbux Launching on 2021/03/20.
You Can Enjoy Our Free Benefits Here.. 

Best Regard
Withdrawbux Admin

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